Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Technique And How To Determine Sources Point Water Well Drilling In Banana Leaves methods and Salts

In the rainy season like now it's not difficult to get water, especially for people who do not have a network of water from the local water company or those who use well water.

Sometimes water disumur too clear sometimes not so good especially clean, but there are also some people who live in urban want to get water from the well but were rather simple such as boreholes because it does not require a large diameter wellbore as well a large conventional wells and courtiers but only a stand pipe and installed the tap water or water dipasangpompa. is called artesian wells, wells produced with the input pipe and drill into the ground at some point the point which is considered to have the fountain.

Failure often not finding the fountain meaning no plumbing spouted ketas
although the depth of the pipe inserted into the earth / soil is tolerable within perhaps 15 meters or 20 meters. To make a good water well to note the following:

1. Selection of a good well location
Not adjacent to the wc / toilet / shower to prevent contamination of the sewer network of groundwater wells. The exact distance between the holes to separate water wells that will be made with the nearest toilet is at least 5 feet if the soil around the site is clay and at least 7.5 meters if the sandy soil.
2. Water well construction standards
3. Make the top of the walls at a distance of 3 meters from the ground surface to prevent seepage of water from the surface of the soil will break down and contaminate the water quality.
4. At the top of the water wells / boreholes were closed so as not to let dirt that can damage clean water becomes dirty.
5. Use chlorine as a disinfectant to the size of the dose of 1 gram per 100 liters to kill germs and bacteria that harm our health if using a bucket or pail.

Perhaps for us the laity must wonder where can i find the specific point on the ground which is believed to have the fountain. because failure to find the boss springs for wells means there will be no water coming out of the earth and gush over.

Here are simple tips from the people who used to wrestle on the job to make a well drilled, they used a technique first field analysis
prior to drilling.

1. Techniques determine the borehole water sources using salt .. how come ..?
so mean: salt not iodized salt should know this because it is not made edible, but later suma diletakin salts in the soil which indications have the springs.
How: at approximately 7 or 8 pm letakanlah 1-2 handheld salt and cover tightly with milk cans were partly open sides and the sides are covered.
the place to be dug or drilled. then in the morning please see the salt they will be, if it runs out or staying a little mean at this point was in any water source.
if necessary, put salt and canned at some point at a time and look at the point where the least amount of salt.

2. Technics banana leaf springs determine the drill.
Never far away thinking about banana leaf as it is not the technique but the shaman leader moisture analysis.
Take some banana leaves and put them at some point to be drilled or dug in the surrou jam9 or 10 pm.

Please see the morning dew that stick to the banana leaf (last leaf on the bottom). The more moisture that sticks more and more underground water discharge.
However, if the leaves stay dry means no water under the leaves so it must be sought elsewhere to right.

Description all records:
Technique And How To Determine Sources Point Water Well Drilling In Banana Leaves method and this salt is merely to identify the source of water. On the results of the water is good or bad will not be known until the drilling process is completed ..

May be useful for others and let's take advantage of the water as well.